Welcome to Canard webpage. I was born in 1985, in Budapest. In 1997, I was fall in love with the mood of parties. I started make the parties in the primary school. I said my teachers, that I would like to make a lot of parties, so they permited me to make Santa Claus-, Christmas-, and carnival parties. At first I played just with table CD players and one Q-tech DC 500. When I attended the grammar school, I realised and learned how and what work the real dj on the parties.I have decided, that I will buy 2 Pioneer CDJ-100S, and one some kind of mixer, and ?I will do so as the bigger!? When I was secondform student I earned money and I was thinking of that ?It?s good that I have traps, but how can I use it? To whom can I show my new sheet?? I organised one grammar club, that was the TDC, and I made music with my friends. It wasn?t simple work, because I organised and arranged the whole party. In the beggining we have smaler teenagers parties, which have 50-60 appointed number. Later we have already 100-150 appointed number parties. The students and their friends of the ?neighbours? schools joined us. My music style is the House, and in the House rather a trab- sabb, more progressive sounding world. In my sheet collection was Muzzaik, René Amesz, Marascia, Tony Thomas, Dr Kucho, Hott 22, Dj Erik, Valentin...and still many others. I succeded in moulding company, who love my music. This company follow me everywhere. I make music already a lot of famous clubs, for example: Bamboo, Up Side Down, Club Play, Club 11, Kasmir Underground, B7 V.I.P....and a lot of others club. I get a present from life: I met a lot of friends who helps me, and I?m very grateful them, because if they aren?t, perhaps I?m not here, where I?m now. When was my 18. birthday party they give me a DJ course and exam. Here I met DJ Newl, DJ Török, DJ Matthew, DJ Flash, DJ Quick, who are very friendly and they give me a lot of advices. After my succesful exam I obeid theirs advice and now I play with bacelit the good Club-music to public and the Real dj Web tv/radio viewer/listener, to the viewer, and the Up Side Down? s public weeks by weeks. On Friday and Saturday night I play my music in the clubs where I?m invited. Recently I write music. In the future I would like to play my own recording to the parties?s hooligans. My purpose that on the best parties and with the best public I produce the best.

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